Evil Actors in DC

I’m with Cindy Sheehan. After GWObama was elected she maintained her stance against the immoral U.S. wars in the middle east when most progressive Liberals suddenly backed warmongering.

So here’s another fantastic article by Cindy Sheehan. Worth the read!

Memo to the Evil Actors in DC from Cindy Sheehan

You evil actors are all putting on another show over there in DC, and we are supposed to believe that any of you are serious, or seriously care about the people of this nation, or your make-believe “oath of office.” You all put your hand on a bible, or other religious tome of your choosing, and swore to protect the rule of law, but you may as well have put your hand on a copy of “Death of a Salesman,” or “Romeo and Juliet” for all your “swearing” means to any of you.
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