The Miscreants’ Global Bust-Out: Deep Capture of America

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Ptech, the software firm that penetrated America’s largest financial institutions, was part of what FBI investigators once referred to as the SAAR Network (or sometimes the Safa Group) of companies, hedge funds, banks, and charities that financed Al Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other jihadi terrorist outfits.

The FBI first began investigating this network in 1993, which is when the bureau recorded a secret meeting of Hamas leaders at a Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia.  At that meeting, the Hamas leaders discussed ways in which to undermine the United States and Israel. They also plotted the release from prison of the Blind Sheikh, who had inspired the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and was now ranting about the jihadi imperative to wipe out the American economy.


The Hamas leaders at that meeting did not talk about violent terrorism. Rather, they stressed that their effort to undermine the United States must be conducted by stealth. “War is deception,” said Hamas operative Abu Baker at the meeting. “Deceive, camouflage…Deceive your enemy.”

An excellent weapon in any stealth war against the US would be market manipulation and the destruction of American companies and the prosperity they bring. So it seems to me that any financial operator who both a) manipulates markets; and b) has significant ties to this jihadi network; should c) be treated with at least a soupcon of suspicion.

I know this has been a complicated story to follow (as it has been to research and write), so I am going to take a moment to review and highlight a small fraction of what we have covered so far in earlier chapters.